Decentralized social media without metrics

An open space to share stories, ideas, works and creativity.

No Vanity Metrics

vanity - inflated pride in oneself or one's appearance

We believe social media should be the place to share anything without the fear of being compared or validated. No likes, no follower count, no vanity metrics. We let you exercise your creativity to its potential; no pressure.

Your Own Space

own - belonging to oneself or itself

The ability to freely think and impart ideas is essential to who we are as human beings. We respect the rights of freedom and privacy by using strong cryptography and decentralized technology that ensures each user has their own data store that cannot be modified or seen by others without their permission (even us!).

No Gimmick

gimmick - a trick or device intended to attract attention

Instead of posting what content your audience might like, focus on sharing the content that you like. No need to think about how aesthetic your feed is or the best time to post on social media. Social media should be the place to be yourself, be authentic.

Healthier Platform

healthy - good for your health

The mental pressure regarding generating likes and high followers count is a borderline health risk. Behind the numbers on the screen, there are biases ready to be challenged and discourses to be dissected. We believe that creativity and critical thinking require a balanced state of mind.

So let’s bring the best out of social media and strip out the not so good part of it. Together, we can do better!

An authentic, people-powered social media where anyone can share anything they want anytime they like carefree.

Every bit of your help pushes us closer to the goal. Share your insights, ideas or feedback with Paras!

We're looking for early adopters

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